Will Jay Lethal and Johnny Impact happen?

The report today by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is that Impact champion Johnny Impact will face Ring of Honor champion Jay Lethal in a title vs title match leads me to believe more than ever that something is brewing among Impact, ROH, and the NWA. The Cody vs Aldis matchups, Aries on ROH shows, and now this.

If this is a legitimate title vs title match and Jay Lethal starts showing up in the Impact arena it’s a good thing. This is eerily similar to what they tried in the early 80’s to combat the WWF onslaught and talent raid. The AWA of Verne Gagne, Dallas’ Jack Adkisson (Fritz Von Erich), Memphis’ Jerry Jarrett , and Jim Crockett of WCW and NWA shared talent and even held joint cards like SuperClash, but there was constant strife between the promoters which meant that real unity never materialized.

These three are the biggest indies in the United States. New Japan and ROH work together, and Impact has worked with AAA in Mexico. Impact and ROH have been enemies at the past, but if they can work together it’s great for the sport. Many wrestling fans including myself have complained about lack of options, but that is changing. I want to see these three and others work together to bring fans more choices to go to live matches, and watch on television, and give some of the great talent on these rosters a chance to shine.

Lethal and Impact met face to face on Jericho’s cruise which got the hype going. From a tactical standpoint the matchup is great on paper. Impact is a high risk flyer while Lethal likes tough physical contests. We have a great contrast of styles that in ring is a great bout. If they learned from how All In was promoted then they could make this bout another feather in the cap for the budding indie scene.

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